A guide to exchange

All over the world million of members plan the property holidays through the exchange system.

There isn’t the economic transaction in exchanges, the concept is “equal exchange”.

The value of one week in time-sharing included in the exchange system is affected by various elements, such as the demand, the period, the number of weeks available, the quality of the residence, the size of the flat and the services available.

So you may have more chance to receive a confirmation if you ask for a week comparable to yours and you are elastic as regards the place and the period of the stay.

How do you effect a payment?


By paying the deposit you place your week (or weeks) at disposal of the exchange circuit.

This is necessary to proceed with the exchange.

If you make the deposit early, you may have more chance to be satisfied with your choices.

You can deposit from 2 years to 14 days before the beginning of your week/s.

Note that the period you paid and you didn’t use within the two years subsequent the beginning of your week/s decay automatically.


You don’t have to require the exchange at the same time of the deposit, if you require early you can have more chance to change.

You can ask for the exchange from 2 years to 46 days before the expected date of starting.

Booking within 45 days before the beginning of the holiday means a Last Minute exchange.

Try to be elastic with regard to the date of the holiday and the residence you prefer.

The wider is the range of choices you propose, the better is the chance to receive a quick confirmation.


The flexibility of the exchange system can be explained as follows:

  • Do you prefer a longer holiday?
    Advance the week/s of the next year, and you can enjoy the holiday this year.
  • Do you prefer a longer holiday for the next year?
    Accumulate your weeks during the years and you can enjoy a longer holiday in the future.
  • Do you prefer a last minute holiday?
    You can book from 21 to 2 days before leaving, but the availability is limited.

For more information fill in the form “CONTACT US“, we are at your complete disposal to answer to any questions.

Note that each exchange circuit has the own regulation, so you have to look at the rules of every single circuit.

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