CONSUM.IT consumer credit

In order to increase the range of services provided for customers, the MPS Group, one of the main Italian bank groups, whose Group Leader holds the name of oldest bank in the world, in 1998 began to deal with the transactions of the consumer credit.

So started in the January 1999, operative nationwide. is today an important group in the field of the consumer credit.


Interval International is an exchanging-international holidays circuit with over 2200 resorts and almost 2 millions of families throughout the world. It is a leading industry in the world of the time-share, keeping high standards since 1976.

Interval provides associates with a range of tourist services marked by value and moderateness.

The admission is only for the owners of the Resorts associated to Interval International.


In 1974, RCI brought in the project of exchanging –holidays. Since then, lots of time-share owner have realized that joining RCI they can make good use of their time-share holidays.
RCI has over 3 millions members throughout the world who can spend their dream holidays in the 3.700 residences associated.

The time-share owners and the residence managers form a community of travel lovers with the task of improving the quality of time-share holidays.

The RCI members can benefit by the experience of the RCI Guides which assist them during the exchange of the time-share holidays.

The admission is only for the owners of the Resorts associated to RCI.

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