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The holiday is fulfilled mainly in three ways: staying in hotel, renting a flat, or staying in one’s own house.

The holiday in hotel means a rising cost every year: you make use of services, but at the end you have to pay.

Renting a flat means a mere cost, because at the end you pay but you have nothing left.

The house is the best answer, because it is a real property and so it means an investment.

Here the time-sharing comes into play, because it combines the investment of a real property and the hotel services.

You are time-sharing owner when you buy millesimal parts of the flat, ratified with a notarial deed, and so having juridical guarantees.

You can choose the weeks you prefer (every period of the year), for your family or for the dealing to carry out (investment, insurance for next holidays, exchanges, etc.).

  • SO: LOW INVESTMENT OF MONEY (for something stable and flexible, avoiding considerable investments for the second houses etc.)
    When you arrive, your OWN FLAT will be: furnished – outfitted – cleaned and ready for use.


You are allowed to hand over to a third part the use of the flat, let it or “EXCHANGE” it thanks to a company who manages the import-export movements with more than 3600 residences in Italy and worldwide.

The advantage is that the “EXCHANGE” is not to occur necessarily in the period of time you are owner, but you can request for different days; this “FLEXIBLE” option allow you the flexibility of the use and planning of the holidays, short-term and long-term, interchanging places and periods, in Italy or abroad (you can change a seaside holiday with one at the mountains or in a famous city, for example).

The TURISTIC BOT capitalizes yearly with the revaluation of the real estate.

The costs vary according to the type of the flat and the period of time, but after some holidays you recover the starting expenses and you’ll keep a property at your disposal.

The flats and the weeks, because at limited number, sell out quickly: if interested, contact our consultants for more information.

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